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Abduction (1)
Aboriginals (4)
Abortion (1)
Abortion clinics (0)
Absenteeism use Employee assistance
Abuse (23)
Academic assessments use Educational assessments
Academic counselling use Educational counselling
Academic libraries (0)
Academic upgrading (10)
Accessible transportation (8)
Accessories use Equipment
Accident victims use Injuries
Accommodations (2)
Accompaniment services (1)
Accompaniment to court use Accompaniment services
Accounting (0)
Acid rain (0)
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome use AIDS
Acting use Theatre arts
Acupuncture (2)
Acute care hospitals (3)
ADD use Attention deficit disorder
Addictions (51)
ADHD use Attention deficit disorder
Adoption (16)
Adoption information use Adoption OR Adoption records
Adoption records (2)
Adult children of alcoholics (3)
Adult day care (7)
Adult education (24)
Adult literacy instruction use Literacy instruction
Adult protective services (2)
Adult sitting use Caregiver relief
Adults (80)
Adults with dual diagnoses use Adults AND Dual diagnosis disabilities
Adults with physical disabilities use Adults AND Physical disabilities
Advertising (0)
Advice use Counselling
Advisory groups (1)
Advocacy (27)
Advocacy groups (13)
Aerobics (1)
Affirmative action use Employment equity
Afghan community (0)
African community (0)
Aftercare (6)
Age groups (0)
Age of majority cards use Identification cards
Agricultural businesses (5)
Agricultural fairs use Agricultural businesses AND Fairs
Agriculture use Agricultural businesses
AIDS (12)
AIDS prevention use AIDS AND Preventive measures
AIDS tests use HIV tests
Aikido use Martial arts
Air conditioners (0)
Air conditioning use Air conditioners
Air filters use Air conditioners AND Supplies
Air force use Armed forces
Airlines use Airports
Airplanes (2)
Airports (1)
Alcohol (1)
Alcohol abuse use Alcoholism
Alcohol consumption (1)
Alcohol information use Alcohol consumption AND Information and referral
Alcoholic beverages use Alcohol
Alcoholism (20)
Allergies (2)
ALS use Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Alternative beliefs (0)
Alternative medicine (5)
Alternative therapy (8)
Alumni use Students
Alzheimer disease (7)
Alzheimers disease use Alzheimer disease
Amateur Radio (1)
Ambulances (2)
Amnesty (1)
Amputees (2)
Amusement parks (0)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (1)
Anger management (17)
Anglican churches use Protestant churches
Animal control (3)
Animal grooming use Commercial services AND Pets
Animal rights use Animal welfare
Animal training use Instructional programs AND Pets
Animal welfare (5)
Animals use Pets OR Wildlife
Annuities use Investments
Anorexia nervosa use Eating disorders
Anthropology (0)
Anti abortion groups (5)
Anti euthanasia groups use Euthanasia AND Lobby groups
Anti poverty groups use Advocacy groups
Antique automobiles use Antique cars
Antique cars (0)
Antiques (0)
Anxiety use Anxiety disorders
Anxiety disorders (6)
Apartments (2)
Appeals (2)
Appliances (1)
Appraisals (0)
Apprenticeship programs (17)
Apprenticeships use Apprenticeship programs
Aquariums use Equipment AND Pets
Arab community use Middle East community
Arbitration use Conflict resolution AND Labour relations
Archeology (0)
Archery (1)
Architecture (0)
Archives (5)
Arenas (14)
Arithmetic use Mathematics
Armed forces (21)
Armenian community (0)
Armouries use Armed forces
Army use Armed forces
Arson use Property offences
Art appraisals use Appraisals AND Visual arts
Art galleries (11)
Art history (0)
Art museums use Art galleries
Art theory (1)
Art therapy use Alternative therapy
Arthritis (2)
Artificial limbs use Prostheses
Arts (18)
Arts and crafts use Crafts OR Drawing OR Painting OR Sculpture
Asian community (2)
Assault (0)
Assault and battery use Assault
Assaulted women (10)
Assertiveness training (3)
Assessments (0)
Assistance in finding use Information and referral OR Registries
Assistance with applications use Form filling
Assisted housing use Low income housing
Assistive devices (4)
Associations (3)
Asthma (12)
Astrology use Alternative beliefs
Astronomy (1)
Attendant care (3)
Attendant services use Attendant care
Attention deficit disorder (2)
Attorneys use Lawyers
Auctions (1)
Audiological services (0)
Audiovisual equipment use Electronic equipment
Audiovisual resources (0)
Autism (20)
Auto associations use Automobile associations
Automobile associations (0)
Automobiles use Cars
Autopsies use Coroners
Aviation use Flying
Awards (1)
Awareness (4)