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Cab companies use Taxis
Cable television (0)
Cabs use Taxis
Cadets use Armed forces
Calligraphy (0)
Cambodian community (0)
Campgrounds (4)
Camping (12)
Camps (50)
Campus police (0)
Canada use Federal government
Canada pension plan (2)
Canada savings bonds use Investments
Canadian government use Federal government
Cancer (26)
Canes use Mobility aids
Canoeing (10)
Car pools use Matching services
Card games (5)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation use First aid
Cardiovascular diseases (0)
Career (2)
Career advice use Vocational counselling
Career counselling use Vocational counselling
Career development (7)
Career guidance use Vocational counselling
Caregiver relief (6)
Caregiver services (16)
Caregiver support (3)
Carpenters use Building contractors
Cars (0)
Case management (0)
Casinos (0)
Catalogue stores use Stores
Cataracts use Impaired vision
Caterers use Catering businesses
Catering use Catering businesses
Catering businesses (2)
Catheters use Hygiene aids
Catholic churches (7)
Cats (10)
CB radio use Citizens band radio
Celiac disease use Gastrointestinal diseases
Cemeteries (0)
Cemetery monuments use Cemeteries
Censorship use Freedom of information OR Public morals offences
Census (1)
Census taking use Census
Ceramics (0)
Cerebral palsy (1)
Certificates (0)
Cervical cancer use Cancer
Challenged adults use Adults AND Disabilities
Challenged children use Children AND Disabilities
Challenged youth use Disabilities AND Youth
Chambers of commerce (9)
Chaplaincy services (8)
Charitable status (7)
Charities use Charitable status
Checkers use Board games
Chemicals use Hazardous products
Chess (0)
Child abduction (1)
Child abuse (10)
Child access use Child custody
Child care (102)
Child care cooperatives (0)
Child care registries use Child care AND Registries
Child custody (1)
Child custody and access use Child custody
Child identification (0)
Child neglect use Child abuse
Child protective services (11)
Child sexual abuse use Child abuse AND Sexual assault
Child welfare (2)
Childbirth (1)
Children (296)
Children of alcoholics (3)
Children with disabilities use Children AND Disabilities
Children with dual diagnoses use Children AND Dual diagnosis disabilities
Children with physical disabilities use Children AND Physical disabilities
Childrens hospitals (1)
Chinese community (3)
Chiropodists (1)
Chiropractic (0)
Chiropractors (0)
Chlamydia use Sexually transmitted diseases
Choirs (5)
Christian Reformed churches use Protestant churches
Christianity (4)
Christmas (6)
Christmas assistance (12)
Christmas cards use Christmas AND Gift stores
Christmas trees use Christmas AND Supplies
Chronic care (0)
Chronic care hospitals (2)
Church furnishings use Churches AND Furnishings
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints churches use Protestant churches
Churches (56)
CICs use Community information centres
Cinemas (0)
Circuses (0)
Citizens band radio (0)
Citizenship (2)
Citizenship courts (0)
Citizenship documents (0)
City buses (1)
City councils use Municipal government
City jails (0)
City parks use Parks
Civil rights use Human rights
Classic cars use Antique cars
Cleaners use Cleaning services
Cleaning services (1)
Clergy (0)
Client assistance use Case management
Client intervention use Case management
Client intervention and assistance use Case management
Closed caption machines use Communication aids
Cloth diapers use Hygiene aids
Clothing (41)
Clothing exchanges (7)
Clowns (0)
Clubs (37)
Coach lines use Bus terminals
Coast guard use Boats AND Law enforcement AND Safety
Codependence use Self esteem
Coin collecting use Collecting
Colitis (1)
Collecting (1)
Collection agencies (0)
Colleges (12)
Comic book collecting use Collecting
Comic book stores use Collecting AND Stores
Comic books use Reading materials
Commercial art use Visual arts
Commercial building contractors use Building contractors
Commercial services (0)
Commissioners of oaths (3)
Communicable diseases (6)
Communication (3)
Communication aids (1)
Communication disorders (0)
Communication Skills (4)
Communications interference use Complaints AND Telecommunications
Communicative disorders use Communication disorders
Community centres (17)
Community colleges use Colleges
Community development (17)
Community economic development use Community development
Community educational agencies (1)
Community gardens use Food action projects
Community health centres (29)
Community information centres (16)
Community kitchens use Food action projects
Community legal services use Legal services
Community meals use Food action projects
Community policing (8)
Community service orders (0)
Competency assessments use Health assessments
Complaints (3)
Complementary medicine use Alternative medicine
Composting use Recycling
Computer consulting use Computers AND Consultants
Computer science (0)
Computer training (23)
Computers (23)
Concert halls (0)
Concerts (1)
Concrete contractors use Building contractors
Condoms use Preventive measures
Conferences (1)
Conflict resolution (6)
Confucianism (0)
Congenital disorders (2)
Congratulatory messages (0)
Congregate dining (0)
Conservation areas (4)
Construction (0)
Consulates (0)
Consultants (2)
Consumer education use Consumer protection
Consumer price index use Government AND Information and referral
Consumer protection (12)
Contact lenses use Vision aids
Contagious diseases use Communicable diseases
Contemporary dance use Dance
Continence aids use Hygiene aids
Continuing education use Adult education
Contracting businesses use Contractors
Contractors (0)
Convenience stores use Variety stores
Cooking (5)
Cooperative housing use Housing cooperatives
Cooperatives (0)
Coordinating organizations (0)
Copying use Document services
Copyrights (0)
Coroners (0)
Correctional facilities (3)
Correctional services (3)
Correctional system (0)
Correspondence courses use Correspondence study
Correspondence study (0)
Cosmetics use Beauty products
Costume rentals use Clothing AND Rentals
Counseling use Counselling
Counselling (122)
County courts (1)
County jails (0)
Couples counselling use Marriage counselling
Coupons use Discounts
Courier services (0)
Couriers use Courier services
Courses use Instructional programs
Court assistance (4)
Court clinics (1)
Court system use Courts
Courts (13)
CPP use Canada pension plan
CPR use First aid
Craft sales (1)
Crafts (16)
Creative writing (4)
Credit bureaus (0)
Credit counselling (4)
Credit unions (0)
Cremations use Funerals
Cribs use Furniture
Cricket use Team sports
Crime prevention (8)
Crime victims (8)
Crime witnesses (8)
Criminal compensation (0)
Criminal courts (5)
Criminal law (8)
Criminal offences (3)
Crisis intervention (31)
Crisis lines use Distress lines
Croatian community (0)
Crocheting use Textile crafts
Crohn disease (1)
Crohns disease use Crohn disease
Crown attorneys (0)
Crown land (0)
Crutches use Mobility aids
Cubs use Boys clubs
Cultural communities (14)
Cultural facilities (7)
Curling (1)
Customs (3)
Cycling (5)
Cystic fibrosis (4)
Czech community (0)
Czechoslovak community use Czech community OR Slovak community