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Safe homes use Shelters
Safety (23)
Safety patrols use Community policing AND Safety
Sailing (5)
Sales tax (2)
Salvage use Recycling
Salvation Army churches use Protestant churches
Sanitation (5)
Satellite homes use Supportive housing
Savings bonds use Investments
Schedules use Travel information
Schizophrenia (5)
School age children (18)
School boards use Boards of education
School bus service use School buses
School buses (0)
School counselling use Educational counselling
School trustees use Schools AND Trustees
School-based child care use Child care AND Schools
Schools (334)
Sciences (3)
Scoliosis use Musculoskeletal diseases
Scottish community (1)
Scouts use Boys clubs
Scrabble use Board games
Scuba diving use Diving
Sculpting use Sculpture
Sculpture (5)
Seasonal employment (27)
Seasonal jobs use Seasonal employment
Secondary schools (43)
Secondary separate schools (1)
Second-hand goods use Used goods
Secretarial services (0)
Security checks (2)
Security systems (0)
Seeing eye dogs use Guide dogs
Self defence (2)
Self employment (3)
Self esteem (26)
Self help groups (40)
Seminars (1)
Senility use Alzheimer disease OR Psychogeriatric care
Seniors (153)
Seniors apartments (3)
Seniors assessments use Health assessments
Seniors clubs (19)
Seniors discounts (1)
Seniors housing (13)
Separate school boards use Boards of education
Separate schools (1)
Separation (5)
Separation counselling use Counselling AND Separation
Serbian community (0)
Service businesses (3)
Service clubs (70)
Service industries use Service businesses
Settlement services (8)
Sewing (1)
Sex education (10)
Sex offenders (3)
Sexual abuse use Sexual assault
Sexual addiction use Addictions AND Sexuality
Sexual assault (7)
Sexual assault victims (4)
Sexual offences (1)
Sexual orientation use Sexual preferences
Sexual preferences (4)
Sexuality (17)
Sexually transmitted diseases (13)
Shared accommodations (0)
Shared property use Municipal by-laws AND Property
Sharpening services use Commercial services AND Sports equipment
Sheltered housing use Supportive housing
Sheltered workshops (1)
Shelters (26)
Sheriffs (0)
Shift child care (0)
Shoe repairs use Clothing AND Repairs
Shoes use Clothing
Shoplifting (1)
Shopping malls (0)
Shopping services (2)
Shops use Stores
Short stature use Musculoskeletal diseases
Short wave radio (0)
Shuffle board use Games
Shut-in services use In-home services
Shuttle buses (0)
Shuttle services use Shuttle buses
Sick room supplies use Hygiene aids
Sickle cell diseases use Blood disorders
SIDS use Sudden infant death syndrome
Sign language courses (0)
Sign language interpretation (1)
Signage (0)
Signs use Signage
Sikhism (0)
Silkscreen printing use Printmaking
SIN use Social insurance numbers
Singing lessons use Music instruction AND Vocal music
Single fathers (1)
Single mothers (6)
Single parents (4)
Singles clubs (2)
Skate exchanges use Goods exchanges AND Sports equipment
Skateboarding use Outdoor activities
Skates use Sports equipment
Skating rinks (16)
Sketching use Drawing
Skidoos use Snowmobiles
Skiing (4)
Skiing conditions use Information and referral AND Skiing
Skiing equipment use Skiing AND Sports equipment
Skin diseases (1)
Skydiving use Outdoor activities
Sleep disorders (0)
Sliding scale services use Geared to income services
Slovak community (0)
Slovenian community (0)
Small appliances use Appliances
Small businesses (1)
Small claims courts (7)
Small office/home office use Small businesses
Smocking use Sewing
Smoking (8)
Snow removal (3)
Snowmobile licences use Licences AND Snowmobiles
Snowmobiles (0)
Snowmobiling (1)
Snowshoeing use Outdoor activities
Soap box racing use Model making AND Special events
Soccer (8)
Social action (7)
Social action groups use Groups AND Social action
Social assistance (11)
Social insurance numbers (17)
Social sciences (0)
Social work services (8)
Socially isolated adults (0)
Softball (5)
SOHO use Small businesses
Somali community (0)
Sororities (0)
South Asian community (0)
South Asian women use South Asian community AND Women
Southeast Asian community (0)
Souvenir shops use Gift stores
Souvenirs use Gift stores
Spanish-speaking communities (1)
Spanish-speaking women use Spanish-speaking communities AND Women
Speakers bureaus (1)
Special events (8)
Special libraries (2)
Special needs children use Children AND Disabilities
Special olympics (1)
Speech disorders (3)
Speech therapy (15)
Spina bifida (1)
Spinning use Weaving
Spiritual counselling use Religious counselling
Sponsorship (0)
Sports (66)
Sports and fitness centres (18)
Sports card collecting use Collecting
Sports card stores use Collecting AND Stores
Sports equipment (3)
Sports facilities (10)
Sports injuries use Injuries AND Sports
Sports medicine (1)
Sports officials (0)
Spouses allowance use Income supplements
Sprinkler systems use Equipment AND Fire prevention
Square dancing (5)
Squash (0)
Sri Lankan community (0)
Stalking use Woman abuse
Stamp collecting use Collecting
Stationery use Office supplies
STDs use Sexually transmitted diseases
Steamships use Boats
Step parents (1)
Stereophonic equipment use Electronic equipment
Stereos use Electronic equipment
Storage services (0)
Stores (2)
Storytelling use Entertainment
Stoves use Appliances
Street youth use Homeless youth
Streetproofing use Children AND Safety
Stress (7)
Stress testing use Health assessments
Strokes (0)
Student employment use Temporary employment
Student identification cards use Identification cards AND Students
Student jobs use Temporary employment
Students (32)
Subsidies (5)
Subsidized housing use Low income housing
Subsidized services use Subsidies
Substance abuse use Addictions
Sudden infant death syndrome (0)
Suicide (25)
Suicide prevention (24)
Summer camps use Camps
Summer employment use Seasonal employment
Summer jobs use Seasonal employment
Supervised visiting (3)
Supplies (1)
Support groups (135)
Support payments (0)
Supportive housing (11)
Supportive settings (10)
Supreme courts (0)
Surgeons use Doctors
Surveying use Land registries
Survival training use Instructional programs AND Outdoor activities
Survivors benefits (0)
Swimming (23)
Swimming pools (10)
Synagogues (0)
Syphilis use Bacterial diseases OR Sexually transmitted diseases